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"Darcy was referred to me through a contractor friend. I had him originally assess my furnace which was previously looked at by another company. His assessment was thorough and he reported much less of an issue then the other contractor’s findings. The result was a huge cost savings. I then had some duct work and venting done which was well planned and nicely finished. I am happy to refer any of my clients to Callaghan Heating."

David Valente, Realtor – Royal LePage Sussex

"When Darcy did the initial plan he suggested we get an air conditioning system as well, but we were already stretched on our budget and weren't sure we'd need it. Then the summer rolled around and our bedroom was unbearable to sleep in. Even though our attic was 50 degrees this summer, he spent a few days up there and we are so thankful for it." 

Selena Radford, Homeowner - Vancouver BC

“People usually don't notice the ductwork in a house unless they know what they're looking for, but people notice callaghan's work. It's sleek. They do some real sexy HVAC.  ”

Dave Smithson, Contractor 

“Darcy and his guys do quality work in a timely manner. I know I can count on them to deliver a product I'd stand behind. ”

Gavin Mcleod, Owner - Averra Developments 

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